Can rabbits eat Tomatoes? The quick answer is: yes, they absolutely can. The longer answer is: yes, but you’ve gotta be careful.

Firstly, not ALL the tomato is safe for rabbits to eat (we’ll get to that later). Secondly, you also need to consider a healthy rabbit diet too.

What I mean by this is, just because a rabbit can eat tomatoes, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should give it to them. At least, not too much of it.

Let’s get into it.

Tomatoes & a Healthy Rabbit Diet

The first question you need to ask yourself when giving your little fluffer Tomatoes (or any other fruit and veg for that matter) is: how much should I give them?

We cover  healthy rabbit diet in our comprehensive healthy rabbit diet article, but I think it’s worth getting into the fundamentals here too.

Essentially, a healthy Rabbits diet should contain three main elements:

  1. Hay
  2. Fruit and Vegetables.
  3. Pellets.

Some vets advise a rough guide to a healthy rabbit diet should be:

  1. 70% Hay.
  2. 28% Fruit and Vegetables.
  3. 2% Pellets.

As you can see above, Hay is the most important aspect of your rabbits diet. Hey is important because:

  1. Hay is very good for a rabbits digestive system.
  2. It helps maintain dental health.
  3. It provides a large chunk of your bunny’s nutritional needs.

Next up, fruit and vegetables. should only make up the remaining  of your rabbits diet and only a small handful should be given to your bunny once a day.

And that handful should be mostly leafy vegetables.


Because fruit contains sugar and that isn’t great for a healthy rabbit diet. In human terms, it’s pretty much like us eating a cupcake or another high-sugar treat.

Finally, is pellets (aka rabbit food). Pellets should make up around 2% of your bunny’s daily food consumption.

The Drawback of Tomatoes

So, can rabbits eat tomatoes? Yes, but in heavy moderation.

As mentioned above, fruit contains a lot of sugar and that isn’t great for a healthy rabbit diet. Tomatoes are technically a fruit and so the same rules apply.

As a part of a healthy and varied rabbit diet, it’s advised that only 1 tomato a week. split over 7 days, maximum should given to your fluffer.

But there are some benefits to tomatoes.

The Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are good sources of:

Tomatoes Can Be Dangerous

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes? Tomatoes can be dangerous for rabbits.

(Image courtesy of MPotatoL)

Tomatoes Can Be Dangerous?


Didn’t you say Rabbits can eat tomatoes??? Can rabbits eat tomatoes or not???

First of all, let me confirm again: it is perfectly safe for Rabbits to eat tomatoes.

And it doesn’t matter what kind of tomatoes you feed your bunny: Big ones, cherry ones, red ones or yellow ones.

They’re not poisonous, they’re just high in sugar and can upset your rabbit’s tummy if you give them too much.

It’s the tomato plant and leaves that are dangerous to rabbits.

Tomato plant greens contain a poison called Solanine and if eaten in large enough quantities it can cause serious health problems for your pet bunny.

NOTE:- Solanine is also present in the green bits of potatoes too.

So, the important thing here is to thoroughly check your tomatoes for green before feeding them to your rabbit.

As a rule, I tend to play it safe and chop the tops off tomatoes before I feed them to Ron.

Soooooo, can Rabbits eat Tomatoes?

Can rabbits eat tomatoes? If all of that information above is a little too long for you to digest, here’s a handy little breakdown to summarise it all for you: