Welcome to the Bunny Lowdown resources page!

Need a quick guide to everything you need for your pet bunny and pretty much everything else you find on our site?

Need a couple of discounts to keep your bunny costs down?

Let me give you the lowdown.

Pet Insurance

Pet Plan Pet Insurance is a great place to start looking for pet insurance.

We pay approx £12 a month for Ronnie’s pet insurance with Petplan and that’s without the 10% discount you can get by clicking on this link OR on the banner below.

Pet Supplies

I tend to get a lot of my pet supplies from Amazon, but recently I’ve also been using Monster Pet Supplies.

I find they have a lot of decent selection of Rabbit food and a fantastic selection of toys.

Web Hosting

This website is hosted with Bluehost and uses the WordPress blogging platform to manage the content.

Bluehost is a hosting company that I would REALLY recommend. After using some rather unsavory hosting companies in the past, Bluehost was a breath of fresh air.

I’ve yet to have any kind of problem with them.